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Why You Should Take Your Dog To A Doggy Daycare

If you own a dog, you understand that it’s important to provide him with the right care. But this is not possible if you must leave your dog alone while you go to work every day. This makes you feel guilty because you cannot pay attention to your dog as much as you want.

In addition, your dog may behave badly because he isn’t getting enough attention. Thus, this is why you should consider doggy daycare for your pet. The following are the benefits of considering a dog daycare for your little furry friend.

Keeps Him Occupied and Reduces Separation Anxiety

The main reason that dogs behave badly is that they get bored or suffer from separation anxiety. When you go to work every day and leave your dog alone for several hours daily, he gets bored or anxious. As a result, your dog chews, barks or howls to act out. Place your dog in a doggy daycare to reduce or prevent these types of behaviours.

Gives Your Dog a Routine

Dogs like doing the same things over and over again. When you place your dog in a dog daycare, this helps him to create and maintain a routine. He’ll like going on walks and participating in playtime with other dogs. Most dog daycares provide regular routines for their guests.

Provides Exercise

One of the main benefits of sending your dog to daycare is that he will get plenty of exercises, which is great for his health.

Gives You Peace of Mind

You love your dog and putting in him a doggy daycare each day will give you peace of mind. It makes your day more productive, knowing that he is cared for while you are at work. In addition, it helps to alleviate the guilt that you’ve felt for leaving your dog at home during the past.

Gives Your Dog Friends

When your dog was home alone, he didn’t have the ability to socialize with other dogs or humans. By putting him in a dog daycare, this gives him the necessary tools to socialize and remain calm in different scenarios.

Gives Your Dog the Attention He Needs

Now that your dog is in a dog daycare centre, he is getting all of the attention that he needs on a routine basis. Most doggy daycare has staff that are avid pet lovers. They like to work with different types of animals. Many of them own pets, which means they know how to treat animals and know what they need. Your dog will never be alone when he is in a dog daycare.

Provides a Safe Environment

Enrolling your dog in a daycare places him in a safe environment. This is especially a good thing if your dog likes to jump over the fence or get out of his crate. The average daycare center strives to make safety a top priority. Each dog is supervised on a regular basis.

Turns Out to be an Affordable Option

Doggy daycares do not cost an arm and a leg. They are fairly inexpensive. Most range in cost from $20 to $35 daily. In addition, they are in convenient locations.

Provides Flexible Options

If you can’t fit a dog daycare into your schedule every day, then consider a few days only. Instead of five days a week, consider taking your dog to the daycare just two days each week. Most daycares can accommodate your schedule. As a matter of fact, there are also options for pet owners who need last-minute emergency services.

You Can Rest at Night

If your dog plays and socializes all day when at daycare, chances are he’s very tired when he gets home at night. This means he’s happy, which makes it easy for you to relax and take it easy at night.

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Finding The Ideal Dog Daycare Center

One of the best inventions, at least as far as pet lovers are concerned, must surely be the doggy daycare, allowing you to leave your pet where he is well cared for.

In recent years, there have been more fog daycare facilities appearing all over the country. Many pet owners are simply too busy to exercise their dog themselves, and the daycare concept is a useful and practical solution.

But it can be a challenge finding the ideal dog daycare facility and having the peace of mind in knowing your dog will have a positive experience. These tips can help you to choose a daycare for your pet where he will be well cared for, and have that desired interaction with other dogs.

Referrals Are Useful

If you know a dog owner or two, ask them if they use a particular doggy daycare and whether they would recommend that place to you. Try posting a question on Facebook or other social media, asking dog owner friends nearby if they use a dog daycare that they can endorse.

Look for a ratio of about 1 to 10 when it comes to the staff to dog ratio, and this is something to find out when touring a potential facility. Dog groups should be divided up according to the dog personality and size of the breed, to allow healthier interaction.

Customer Reviews

Reviews of dog daycare centers┬ácan be found easily online, and reading objective reviews and comments from real customers is also a great way to find just the right place. Dog owners like to post their experiences – good or bad – for others to read and benefit from, and a good place to look is Yelp.

Visit the Center

To get a feel for what the doggy daycare is like at different times, try to visit it at least a couple of times once with an appointment and once when you just stop by unannounced. Look for security gates and fencing for security and staff who seem happy and pleased to be working there. Water should be available for dogs all the time, and of course, the dogs should seem to be happy and content there too. Your own dog should be able to fit in with the other dogs at a daycare center. Otherwise, it won’t be a good experience.

Questions To Ask

Visiting the facility and meeting with staff is a good opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Try to find out how well qualified the staff are, how much relevant experience they have, and what their policy is in the event of a dogfight, injury or another emergency. Dogs should be screened for any signs of aggression, and you should find out how long the place has been in business, and when your dog plays, how many staff members will be in attendance.

Assess Your Dog

Expect to spend about an hour or so with your dog at a facility you are looking at, in order for the staff to assess whether your dog would be a suitable fit. This initial assessment is typically free. Your dog may not be suited to a daycare center if he seems reluctant to be left there, or cowers or seems afraid of the staff. If the overall daycare experience was positive, that should be reflected in your dog’s behaviour when you pick him up, and he should be excited and happy. Finding the right doggy daycare center can take some work, and it’s as much your dog’s input as it is yours.

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Dog Care 4 U

You would like to go on holiday, have to go to the hospital for a few days or have appointments that can not be postponed, and there is nobody to look after your best friend expertly and lovingly during this time?

– holiday care
– daycare
– 24-hour care
– single night or multiple night

There is always only ONE DOG at the time cared for (unless a second comes from the same household). Our daycare center is also tailored to your dog. So it will be a bathing day, an adventure trip or a game, teaching or training.